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Available only with an advanced stocking order

  • 100 units – $180 each
  • 1000 units – $170 each


  • Completely waterproof (no sewing – cannot leak).
  • Bath tub floor (floor extends up side wall inside of tent 4″).
  • 17′ diameter 8 sided circular bath tub floor (230 square foot floor).
  • 7.5′ tall (lots of standable space).
  • Affordable. Low cost parts, extremely simple production (12 Clips; no sewing; two PVC poles).
  • Light, compactly packaged product (12″ x 12″ x 44 ” box 26 lbs) Low cost shipping. Extremely portable.
  • Strong in wind (drum-tight, streamlined shape sheds wind well).
  • Sheds snow well (steep walls shed snow well).
  • Two walk-in doors (can be fixed with netting and to auto close). Doors hook closed and have Velcro.
  • Excellent ventilation (two doors extending to peak and upper vent). Upper vent closes with Velcro.
  • Simple setup (stake out – insert two poles).
  • No guylines (tent is self guying).
  • Available with winterizing liner and stove and stove jack.
  • Tent can be disassembled by user and the parts can be reassembled without tools into other shelters or sheds.
  • PVC poles can be used for plumbing after shelter is no longer needed.