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Below accessories available with advance notice, produced on-demand.



When shade cannot be found, consider getting one or more of our Sunshades. The spacing between the sunshade and the dome allows air to flow and dissipate the heat absorbed by the Sunshade. It is generally better to have multiple small Sunshades on our 14, 18 and 20 foot domes and yurts as these fit the curve of the domed shape better than the larger Sunshades and provide space between them to heated air to escape.

The Woven Black or Silver Sunshades

We offer a woven sunshade in Black or Silver that fits the contours of the dome better than our standard white/black and since it allows some of the wind through its weave it also handles wind better.

These shades block 80% and 70% respectively. They are both made with a loose weave material which allows for cooling air to flow through and does not allow rain to puddle.

Prices: Call for pricing.

  • Black 80% Shade 12′ x 16′ (with 10 snap grips)
  • Black 80% Shade 20′ x 20′ (with 18 snap grips)

The Silver Aluminet Sunshade acts like a mirror to reflect unwanted sunlight and radiant heat. These come with snap grips.

Prices: Call for pricing.

  • Silver Aluninet 10′ with shade70% Shade 14′ x 14′ (with 10 snap grips)
  • Silver Aluninet 70% Shade 21′ x 21′ (with 18 snap grips)

If over-heating is likely a problem consider two or more Sunshades. Arrange your Sunshades such that they do not overlap each other completely. The airspace under the shades and the gaps between the shades will allow heat to dissipate and escape rather than be radiated back into your dome.

Net Doors


Under certain circumstances you may want mosquito net doors in addition to your fabric ones. These are easily installed and are generous enough in width and length to keep the bugs out without the need for breakable zippers. It even keeps out no-see-ums, those micro-gnats you can’t see. Opening two to four doors across from each other results in pleasant cross ventilation. The 14′, 18′, and 20′ Yurt Domes can have as many as four net doors. The 30′ Yurt Dome can have eight. They come with 4 Grip Clips attached to allow them to installed into the shelters. Specify which size shelter you are ordering them for.

Prices: Call for pricing.

Sticky Back Velcro Coins

An alternative to binder clips to hold your net door tight is Sticky Back Velcro; it also works well to secure regular doors against high wind, floors tight to side walls, and to create a net closure for upper Vent Tube openings. See Instruction Manual under net doors, floors, and vent tubes for details on how to install Velcro.

Prices: Call for pricing.

Sticky Back Velcro Strips

Can not be beat for sealing your dome’s doors against wind and dust. Also useful to attach netting and Vent Tubes. A must for Burning Man. Handy for holding shingles tight. Can be cut into smaller lengths.

Prices: Call for pricing.


Make your own net doors with Grip Clips (see below). Make net covers for your upper vents with Velcro (see above).

Prices: Call for pricing.

Porch Sunshade


Our Porch is a 5 1/2′ x 5 1/2′ arched square. Porches can be attached in minutes to any of our domes.

With a porch you can keep your door open in a warm rain. It provides a space to take off your raincoat or boots before going in. Wet gear can be hung underneath it. The porch covering is made out of our white woven ripstop film

An excellent addition to your Domes.

Prices: Call for pricing.