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Roomy and Expandable

  • Roomy: 12′ diameter, 11′ door to door, 7′ tall sized for comfort.
  • Large volume: spacious domed interior with lots of head room.
  • Designed for living: exterior shape and interior space are inviting and secure.
  • Easy to heat: minimum surface area for volume makes for low heat loss.
  • Supplied sunshade attaches to the outside of poles for air cooled shade in hot weather.
  • Door openings are vertical so they can be left partly open without rain leakage.
  • Covering is shingled so it breathes to let moist air out.
  • Expandable space: doors are removable and two or more shelters can be joined together without leakage.
  • Extremely portable: duffle bag weight and size package that can be hand carried.
  • Interior space can be divided (fixtures are provided inside for hanging dividers).
  • Two large doors can be fixed with netting. Doors hook closed for a tight seal.
  • Excellent ventilation: two large opposing doors and upper vents.

Affordable and Storable

  • Economical: Maximum volume inside for surface area.
  • Lightweight: 30 lbs.
  • Affordable: Low cost yet durable parts, simple production (Clips; no sewing; PVC poles).
  • Low cost shipping: Light, compactly packaged product (14″ x 14″ x 46″ box 30 lbs).
  • Extended storage: entirely synthetic, rot proof; will store for extended time without degrading.

Included and Optional Components

  • Comes complete with covering, poles, stakes, sunshade, spare parts, repair kit and instructions.
  • Optional Net doors can be easily installed and work with or without door closures.
  • Optional tarp fits inside for watertight bathtub floor.
  • Available with winterizing liner, stove and stove jack.

Repairable and Recyclable

  • Repairable: Poles and cover are easily repairable in the field. Can be adapted to bamboo pole structure if appropriate.
  • Tent can be completely disassembled without tools by user. After shelter is no longer needed, PVC poles can be joined for plumbing or irrigation use.