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We have inventory available for immediate shipment to Mexico and Caribbean.

Shelter Systems’ 30′ (9 m) Relief Tents make excellent community focal points for “villages” of smaller shelters. Instant and portable meeting rooms, logistics, hospitals, chapels, storage, warehouses, schools, and more. We have sold these large shelters to be used for adventure groups, research expeditions and archaeological digs around the world; trade fairs and exhibitions; weddings, parties and other large social gatherings. We now offer them at 1/2 the price for emergency disaster relief.


Please call or email for special quantity based pricing for disaster relief.

Roomy and Expandable

  • Roomy: 30 ft diameter, 706 sq ft floor area and 11 ft tall; sleeps 18 people.
  • Large volume: 4062 cubic ft, spacious domed interior with lots of head room.
  • Designed for living: exterior shape and interior space are inviting and secure.
  • Easy to heat: minimum surface area for volume makes for low heat loss.
  • Covering is shingled so it breathes to let moist air out.
  • Expandable space: doors are connectable and two or more shelters can be joined together without leakage.
  • Extremely portable: three wrapped bags total of 2 – 62″x16″x16″ 60 lb each 1 – 43″x23″x23″ 70 lb.
  • Interior space can be divided (fixtures are provided inside for hanging dividers).
  • Eight 69″x69″x69″ doors can be fixed with netting. Doors hook closed.
  • Excellent ventilation: 11 opposing doors and multiple upper vents.
30′ Yurt Dome Relief Tents

Simple and Strong

  • Simple, no tool 2 person setup in 45 minutes: add poles to covering and it’s up. Poles fit only where they belong.
  • Shelter can be taken down and stored in 15 minutes.
  • Strong: Structural design produces maximum strength for the materials used.
  • Completely waterproof: no sewing – covering panels are shingled so shelter can not leak.
  • Strong and stable in wind: drum-tight, streamlined dome shape sheds wind well.
  • Covering is super tough woven multi-laminated film that is UV stabilized and fire-retarded.
  • Door coverings close multiple hook closures for break proof function.
  • Door when closed are shingled for rain and wind proof closure.
  • No guylines: tent is self guying and freestanding.

Affordable and Storable

  • Economical: Maximum volume inside for surface area.
  • Lightweight: 190 lb.
  • Affordable: Low cost yet durable parts, simple production (Clips; no sewing; PVC poles).
  • Low cost shipping: Light, compactly packaged product.
  • Extended storage: entirely synthetic, rot proof; will store for extended time with out degrading.

Included and Optional Components

  • Comes complete with covering, poles, stakes, spare parts, and instructions.
  • Optional Net doors can be easily installed and work with or without door closures.
  • Optional Tarp Floor fits inside for watertight bathtub floor.
  • Optional Sunshade attaches to the outside of poles for air cooled shade in hot weather.
  • Available with winterizing liner.

Repairable and Recyclable

  • Repairable: Poles and cover are easily repairable in the field
  • Tent can be completely disassembled without tools by user. After shelter is no longer needed, PVC poles can be joined for plumbing or irrigation use.

The 30′ Yurt and Dome™

It’s made wholly of our white Shelter Systems’ covering, a super strong woven rip stop film . All fabrics we use have been treated with ultraviolet inhibitors which help protect against sun exposure, watertight, are fire retarded and will not rot or mildew.
The frame is constructed of strong, long-lasting PVC tubing. Patented Grip Clips™ join the Yurt’s cover to the frame. Grip Clips provide greater strength than sewn seams or any type of grommet, because they do not puncture the cover. Each panel of the dome is shingled over the next so that the dome breathes yet is completely waterproof!

The 11′ tall 30′ Yurt and Dome

It has eight doors. The door coverings close automatically so you can go in or out quickly. There are no zippers to fumble with or break. For maximum ventilation the walls themselves can be rolled up. There is always plenty of light and fresh air in the 30′ Yurt Dome.

Easy Setup

Your 30′ Yurt and Dome goes up in less than one hour without tools. You simply insert interchangeable poles into connectors spaced evenly over the cover, no tools are required except a hammer to drive the ground pegs in. The poles bend slightly when inserted, which tightens the cover into a wind- and waterproof dynamic shelter. Because of its large size and weight, the 30′ requires two strong people working together to put it up. Since the dome is freestanding, you can turn or move the dome into desired position after it is up. When your Dome is not being used, you can take out the poles, roll it up, and store it.



The 30′ Yurt and Dome comes complete with stakes, guy lines, vent tubes, spare parts and an Instruction Manual that details floors, site selection, anchoring, cooling, winterizing, and stove installation.

30′ Yurt and Dome packed up. Poles:120 lbs. Cover: 70 lbs. Total: 190 lbs. 25 ft. cubed

These are manufactured for and sold exclusively to relief agencies.

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