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Family Sized

The ShelterFirst™ emergency and disaster relief tent has a roomy floor area of 255 square feet and covers 16′ x 16′ area with a height of 7’4″. It has four doors for good ventilation. The door covers can be pulled out to create a porch over the door openings. The doors tie closed, there are no zippers to fumble with or break. The interior can be divided with fabric to create private areas. Since the covering is not punctured or cut in the manufacture of the tent it cannot leak!

ShelterFirst™ tents are light filled and well ventilated. The covering’s white color reflects the sun’s heat during the day and makes for a pleasingly bright interior during the night. Vents can be created where side walls hit the ground for extra ventilation in hot weather. The cover of the tent is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.


High Strength

The covering is evenly supported to create a drum-tight, wind-shedding shelter. Roof is steeply peaked to shed snow well. The ShelterFirst relief tent is a self-supporting tension structure. There are no guylines to set or get in the way.

The covering is made of Shelter Systems’ super tough multi-laminated woven ripstop film. It is completely synthetic and will not rot or mildew. It is ultraviolet stabilized for a long life and fire-resistant for safety. The covering is entirely waterproof. The four doors and side vents provide breathability making a rain fly unnecessary. Its white color reflects the heat of the sun and the black core provides shade.

Poles are relatively short and are entirely under compression making for a strong snow- and wind-shedding shelter. The poles are constructed of strong, long lasting, resilient, UV-stabilized, Class 200, 1 1/2″-diameter (3.5 cm) PVC tubing.

The ShelterFirst™ emergency and disaster relief tent is constructed with special patented Grip Clips™ that spread tension evenly and join tent to the ground providing greater strength than sewn ties or any type of grommet. Shelter Systems’ patented Pole Clips™ joins the poles to the covering without weakening or puncturing the covering. The Grip Clips grip a large area of fabric spreading wind loads and preventing tearing. With no puncturing or cutting of the tarp to create the shelter, there are no points to leak.

Low Cost

The ShelterFirst™ emergency and disaster relief tent is an efficient tent to manufacture and thus offers maximum value with minimum cost. Materials used in its construction are chosen and combined to perform at optimum strength to cost. It uses a minimal amount of materials in its construction to achieve a maximum of sheltered space. It is labor efficient to build. These factors allow us to price these shelters to reach the maximum number of people in need.

Compact Portable Package

The ShelterFirst™ disaster relief tarp tent fits in a compact box on pallets for rapid, cost effective worldwide shipping. Its weight of only 35 lb. and small packaged size of 45″ x 12″ x 14″ keeps shipping costs down and allows for a large number of shelters to fit into an aircraft. The ShelterFirst™ is light and compact enough for one person to easily carry to their preferred village or home site.

Sets Up in 15 Minutes!

The ShelterFirst™ sets up easily and quickly by one person. First the covering is staked out. Then you climb under the covering and insert the five vertical poles into the factory attached Pole Clips™. It’s that simple.

Multiple Use Potential

The ShelterFirst™ emergency and disaster relief tent shelter is an assemblage of removable parts. Each part can be used alone or combined together in ways that are different than the original tent. The ShelterFirst™ tent can be taken apart without tools or damage to any of the parts. The covering is not cut or punctured in the finished tent. The clips can be removed and the covering can then be joined with the clips and poles to customize the needs of the user, for example by creating alternative shelters, rain catchment collectors, sheds, fish pond liners or raincoats etc. The poles are PVC tubing and can be used to transport water for drinking or irrigation.

Included Components

Each ShelterFirst™ emergency and disaster relief tent shelter consists of a heavy duty covering with Grip Clips and Pole Clips attached, segmented PVC poles, heavy duty stakes and instructions.