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Shelter Systems Relief Tent concept tents can be manufactured with sufficient lead time and advanced payment.


RT™ Relief Tent

Available with winterizing liner and stove and stove jack.

Height: 2.28 m
Diameter: 17′ (5.18 m)
Weight: 26 lb (11.80 kg)


ShelterHaven™ Relief Tent

Hybrid Dome/Tunnel – Geodesic Tensegrity Emergency Relief Shelter.

Height: 2.2 m
Diameter: 12′ (3.66 m)
Weight: 30 lb (13.61 kg)


ShelterFirst™ Relief Tent

Family size. High strength. Sets up in just 15 minutes.

Height: 2.13 m
Diameter: 16′ (4.88 m)
Weight: 35 lb (15.88 kg)


Portable Tunnel or Quonset Shaped Tent

The Emergency and Disaster Relief Portable Tunnel or Quonset Shaped Tent Shelters come complete with clips and connectors attached to covering, poles, stakes, and instruction manual.


Emergency and Disaster Relief ShelterKits™

Shelter Systems’ Emergency and Disaster Relief Portable Geodesic Yurt and Dome Tent Living Support ShelterKits™ contain all the basic components for living comfortably months to years.