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Available Inventory

We have Relief Tents ready for immediate shipment from Georgia, USA as the availability of shelters is critically important in emergency situations. Our inventory does vary day to day from 500 to 3000, so please call for current availability. We typically produce 80 Emergency Relief Shelters per day, but we will expand our production capabilities to fill any order.

Various accessories are available and sold separately.


Free On Board (FOB) from Georgia, USA. Poles and covering are packaged separately. Shipping by Sea takes about three weeks. (250 of the 5.4 m Emergency Relief Shelters and 500 of the 4.2m will fit in a 8′ x 8′ x 40′ shipping container.) Shipping by Air takes about 2 – 4 days. Samples are shipped by UPS or Fed Ex.

Price and Payment

Payment is by advanced wire transfer or irrevocable letter of credit. Cost Insurance And Freight (CIF) pricing is available upon request. Prices listed are for current inventory and are subject to change as the price of raw materials go up.